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Regular maintenance is the key to optimal performance and efficiency: make sure your car is looked after at every step of the way.
service assistance - maintenance service assistance - maintenance

Exceptional performance, without interruption

Exceptional performance, without interruption

There’s little better than driving your Maserati knowing it’s regularly serviced by our skilled technicians. Give yourself one less thing to worry about with our Maintenance program.

Enjoy a luxury experience day after day and maintain the peak performance of your Maserati. Discover the services dedicated to the Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte, Grecale, and Granturismo.


The Essentials


This program covers all the inspections and component or consumable replacements detailed in your car’s maintenance schedule – which you can find in your owner’s Manual.

The Premium Service offers:

  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter 
  • Pollen Filter 
  • Spark Plugs 
  • Consumables 
  • Inspections

Interval Running Coupons

Maserati provides for a series of checks and maintenance operations including the 1st and subsequent services when the vehicle reaches specific mileage or time reported in your “Scheduled Service Plan”. More information is available in Owners Manuals and Quick guides.

Scheduled Maintenance Indicator

The service indicator system will remind you when your next service is due. Maserati recommends that these maintenance intervals are performed at the Service Network. The technicians at your dealership know your vehicle best, and have access to factory approved information, genuine Maserati parts, and specially designed electronic and mechanical tools that can help prevent future costly repairs.

Electrifying driving pleasure

Electrifying driving pleasure

The excitement of driving your Maserati becomes even more electrifying and engaging, free from any interruptions, no matter the journey you're undertaking or your driving speed.

Discover the Maintenance plan specially designed for Grecale and GranTurismo Folgore models.


The Essentials


Ensure that your Maserati receives all the checks and component replacements detailed in the maintenance program for your Folgore.

The program includes: replacement of the pollen filter and brake fluid, a recharge of up to 75% of the battery, and a certificate of the battery's health status.


Cutting-edge performance, total peace of mind


Peace of mind is also guaranteed by the expertise of Maserati's specialized technicians who exclusively use genuine spare parts.

For further information on coverage, restrictions, and details, please contact our Official Dealerships.


MC20 - Italian born, racing inspired

MC20 - Italian born, racing inspired

Pushing the boundaries away

Your MC20 has been engineered to perfection to assure you the ultimate level of driving, regardless of how far you travel, or how fast you choose to drive.

We believe that nothing should compromise the emotions that your MC20 delivers, this is why we have created a dedicated program, which offers the exclusive pre-paid maintenance Maserati Premium Service.

Take the comfort to know that your MC20 superb performances are maintained thanks to the service carried out at the right time by our skilled technicians with Maserati Genuine Parts.1


Thoroughly Reassuring


The MC20 Premium Service covers from 3 up to 7 services, and includes several components as detailed in your car’s official maintenance schedule, in detail:
oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, spark plugs, consumables, inspections, gearbox filter, suction filter, battery TBM2, belts.
* Work is always carried out by highly qualified and technically advanced Maserati personnel with Maserati Genuine Parts.

*Please refer to the official Maserati dealership for additional information about coverage, restrictions and details.


Complementary Pick Up & Delivery Service


We know how valuable and important your time is, this is why we have included in the program the convenience of Pick up and Delivery Service*. You will only have to book your service and our official dealership will take care of the Pick up and Drop off of your Maserati at your preferred address. For an even greater peace of mind we also offer Maserati loaner cars to allow you to keep taking care of work, family and fun.

*Please refer to the official Maserati dealership for additional information about coverage, restrictions and details.


Pricing Certainty

The fixed pricing structures in our programs means that you always know what you’ll be paying for spare parts, consumables and labor. That way, there are no unwelcome surprises.

Download the Maintenance e-brochures

Take the luxury of driving in full safety with you by downloading our Maintenance Brochures.

Driving force

Driving force

With a shared passion for excellence and innovation, this collaboration ignites engine performance.

Shell and Maserati share the same commitment for high-quality products together with a great environmentally-friendly approach. Maserati has entered the world of electrification and Shell’s technical excellence can meet the ever-changing demands of engineering progress, while improving performance and engine life.

Shell PurePlus Technology, the result of 40 years of scientific development, is a revolutionary gas-to-liquid process that converts natural gas into a crystal-clear synthetic base oil that is 99.5% pure.


Pushing the boundaries of performance to the next level

Specifically formulated for hybrid engines, the Shell Helix Ultra 0W-30 Hybrid joins the Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 and 10W-60 oil versions for petrol and diesel engines already available in the product range, developed for long-lasting performance and superior protection throughout the car’s engine lifespan. The fully synthethic premium engine oil is specifically conceived in collaboration with Maserati to meet the technical requirements of Maserati engines. The Shell Helix Ultra 0W-30 Hybrid is formulated to further optimize the performance of the Maserati hybrid engine by providing excellent protection from wear, rust and corrosion, while reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions. *Please refer to the official Maserati dealership for additional information about coverage, restrictions and details.

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