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Maserati at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters 2022

Maserati is sponsoring the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters: from 9 to 17 April, the Trident brand features at the 2022 edition of the tournament.

The sponsorship agreement between Maserati and the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters will enhance the account of the Brand's values to an international audience, at one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments on the circuit, an event internationally acknowledged as a benchmark for elegance in pure tennis style.


The sporting world has formed part of the Trident's DNA ever since its early days. Maserati passion now takes to the clay courts, partly thanks to the inclusion of the Maserati Grecale: a new model – in the Trofeo version and the Giallo Corse colour – will be on show in the Commercial Village at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters.


Grecale is the Maserati SUV and the embodiment of the concept of the “Everyday Exceptional”. It strikes the right balance between versatility, elegance, performance and innovation. The Trofeo version is equipped with a high-performance 530-hp petrol V6 based on the Nettuno engine seen in the MC20 super sports car. It embodies the most extreme aspect of Maserati, with the explicit focus on performance while never sacrificing comfort.


The Giallo Corse colour is extremely sporty and tells of the unbreakable bond between Maserati and Modena: indeed, it combines the city’s two heraldic colours by mixing a yellow base with a blue mica, for an assertive, advanced look. The Grecale Trofeo’s body also features 21” alloy wheels, specific sports exhausts and carbon fibre inserts on the front and rear bumpers, and on the side skirts.

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As a further boost to the common thread between the Trident brand and the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters 2022, guests in the VIP Village can also admire a special Maserati MC20 Fuoriserie up close, with an exclusive livery that pays tribute to the iconic Maserati Birdcage.

Courtesy of the Maserati Fuoriserie customization program, this special MC20 accentuates the concepts of style and sportiness that bring the brand closer to the world of tennis.
Fuoriserie is a blank slate and the brand is offering a wide range of designs and colours as part of it. The rest falls to the inspiration of individual customers, who are given the opportunity to take on the stance of a trendsetter and to express their personal creativity.

Drive towards the passion to compete and win: these are the values that have always guided the Trident brand. The same values travel aboard the Brand’s models at the tournament. Maserati will be there during the tournament as the official car, with a dedicated fleet (partly made possible by the partnership with Leasys) to keep the players and guests on the move.

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