Maserati Royale Special Series. Pure dynamic beauty.

Beauty can be reflected in a jewel, a painting or a landscape. Elegance, on the other hand, is not only confined to a glance. Elegance can be found in a movement, in an expression or in conversation. Simply put, elegance is beauty in motion, and very few cars throughout history moved with the elegance of our 1986 Quattroporte Royale edition.

Today we pay homage to that unique chapter of our history, introducing the new Maserati Royale special series range of cars: only 100 units of Ghibli, Levante and of course Quattroporte, representing the ultimate expression of dynamic beauty.

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Two shades of class.

The new Royale special series range of cars is available in two unique shades: the Blu Royale and a very charming tint of green, the Verde Royale, as an homage to the colours of the original 1986 Quattroporte Royale models.
Two colours, same unmatched elegance.

Design excellence, absolute comfort.

Beautiful outside, extraordinary on the inside.
The Royale interiors, based on the GranLusso trim, are available in Zegna PELLETESSUTA™ Cuoio or two-tone Pieno Fiore leather in Black/Cuoio.

The Zegna PELLETESSUTA™ is a woven leather textile made exclusively for Maserati vehicle interiors. Born of old-world Italian traditions and today’s innovative technology, it was ingeniously fashioned using thin strips of Nappa leather to create an ultra-luxurious fabric that is lightweight, soft and durable.

High Gloss inserts (Metal Net for the Levante, Ebony for the Ghibli and Black Piano for the Quattroporte) and a distinctive “One of 100” plate complete the interior look, which also features the Bowers & Wilkins Sound System, electric sunroof and privacy glass.
A true expression of luxury, in every detail.

The road is their stage.

Balancing the fine and luxurious features of the iconic 1986 Quattroporte Royale, with the most contemporary Maserati driving experience. That’s the design principle we followed in creating the new Royale special series.
From the dedicated 21” Anthracite rims (Anteo Staggered Anthracite on Levante, Titanium Anthracite on Ghibli and Quattroporte) to a suite of technological features: the Cold Weather, Premium and Driving Assistance Plus Packages fitted as standard, the Maserati Touch Control Plus unit (an 8.4” touchscreen to control all the key vehicle functions), both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® mirroring functions with native voice assistant commands.
Are you ready for a Royale driving experience?

A Royale experience.

We can describe all the amazing features behind this exclusive special series, but the only way to understand the true essence of the Royal models is to drive one.
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