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Celebrating 50 years of Maserati in Lebanon

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On 29 August 2019, G. Bazerji & Fils, the official Maserati Importer in Lebanon celebrated an important milestone that gathered Lebanon’s finest collectors and enthusiasts. Fifty years ago, Gabriel Bazerji, a fervent Maserati aficionado and his brothers, began a thrilling journey with the Trident, the universally recognised symbol of motoring excellence that would make them the first Worldwide Official Maserati Importer.

“The Golden Jubilee, which embodies five decades of passion and dedication, is an important milestone for us” said Nabil Bazerji  Managing Director of G.Bazerji &Fils, “We are delighted to be celebrating it today at the sublime Villa Cochrane, along with our customers, partners at Maserati and of course our team and local partners, who were all key players in our continuous success.”

Villa Cochrane was the perfect venue to showcase the latest models from the Maserati range - Levante Trofeo, Quattroporte, Ghibli and the GranTurismo MC - together with a selection of the most iconic classics in Maserati’s history, thus providing an extraordinary journey through Maserati’s history. Amongst them a 1957 3500 GT, the first Maserati road car that was built in relatively large numbers,  the Mistral Spyder, one of the most sought-after classic Maserati convertibles, a Bora which was the first Maserati mid-engine road car, and many other extraordinary automobiles that the world has seen.

‘By bringing such a line-up to our event, we’ve tried to imagine the dream garage of every car enthusiast, both racing and road-going that have shaped the long and rich history of Maserati. I can’t thank enough the Maserati collectors who very generously agreed to lend us their vehicles” concluded Nabil Bazerji.


Amidst all of the emotions experienced during the event, a significant classic model was showcased before an avid audience, the very first Maserati sold in Lebanon,  a  1968 Ghibli one of the most iconic GTs in the history of the Maserati brand.

‘G. Bazerji & Fils were not only partners  but also fierce enthusiasts and guardians of our brand. Fifty years is a truly important milestone and the Bazerji family have been a dedicated partner, continuously representing our brand to its highest standards, and always with an abundant amount of passion and enthusiasm. We are proud to be here to celebrate a partnership that could only be seen as benchmark in our industry’ said Umberto Cini, General Manager Maserati EMEA.

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