Once upon a time...
The magic formula from which every story begins.
This is ours.

For over 100 years we have protected the history of our past and kept it in the Maserati Historical  Archive.

We invite you to enter and walk among thousands of precious documents, technical drawings and silent testimonies meticulously preserved to discover the services of the new Maserati Classiche programme and the Historical Archive.

Maserati Classiche Maserati Classiche

Maserati Classiche

An iconic brand with an exclusive personality. Through the evolution of its design and the development of cutting-edge technology, Maserati has built cars that have become famous. At the beginning of a new era, Maserati pays tribute to its past by creating a new programme around its most precious resource: Its History.

Maserati Historical Archive

The beginning of the 20th century saw speed burst into our everyday lives, kindling the souls of many fans. The Maserati brothers took their first steps into the world of mechanics and motoring, laying the foundations for the beginning of a more than a century-old legend. A legend that accompanies the history of each Maserati. A history to rediscover and possess.


Maserati Historical Archive Maserati Historical Archive

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