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E-Cars Modena
E-Cars Modena
1 Ioanni & Aggelikis Kordari Street, Limassol, Cyprus, 4102 CY4102

Go for the original fit

There’s little better than driving a Maserati knowing that it’s regularly serviced by our skilled technicians with Maserati Genuine Parts.

To make sure your Maserati keeps performing at the highest levels, we manufacture parts you can trust and select  partners who pursue the excellence. 

Maserati Genuine Parts & Fluids are designed and engineered to perfectly fit with all the other components on your Maserati, assuring the best reliable and solid performances.

Maserati Genuine Parts

Maserati Genuine Parts

Maserati Genuine Parts are developed with accuracy and precision to make sure your Maserati will keep running miles after miles in superb conditions.

Perfectly designed to fit in the car and work with all the other components in line with the authentic technical specifications, the original spare parts ensure optimal performance, comfort and reliability. This is why you should choose Maserati original spare parts every time a part needs replacing, to preserve the sporty spirit of your Maserati.


Maserati Genuine Parts

Every Maserati is a high-performance car designed to give never ending emotions. Maserati Original Spare Parts represent the firm commitment that our engineers put in developing high quality components to assure the quality and efficiency that our Maserati Customer deserves. Every part has been designed and manufactured in compliance with the original technical qualifications, to ensure their perfect integration and the driver’s safety. The innovative technologies applied in parts creation also ensure the best efficiency in terms of wear and better performance, giving you the same unique driving experience that you enjoyed on the very first day.



Fluids play a crucial role in the vehicle perfect operation, durability and great performance.

The importance of a vehicle running smoothly and efficiently cannot be left to any ordinary fluid, this is why Maserati selects only the best products specifically created to protect and extend the vehicle lifetime, optimizing its function and reducing fuel consumption.



Every component of your Maserati is engineered to deliver optimum performance and fluids are no exception. A high-performance fluid does more than simply lubricate your Maserati engine or gearbox, it also plays a vital role in optimizing the car sporty attitude and reliability. Maserati has committed to the development of high-quality products specifically conceived to optimize the performance of Maserati engines, by providing excellent protection from wear, rust and corrosion, while reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions.

Technical Partners

Technical Partners

Maserati aims at excellent products and outstanding performance.

With a shared passion for excellence and innovation, Maserati and Shell have started a long term collaboration for the development of high-quality products specifically dedicated to Maserati engines.


Exclusive co-branded products

Shell and Maserati co-branded motor oils take advantage of the Shell Pure Plus Technology, a revolutionary gas-to-liquid process that converts natural gas into a crystal-clear synthetic base oil that is 99.5% pure. Developed for long-lasting performance and superior protection throughout the car’s engine lifespan, these fully synthetic premium engine oils are formulated to optimize the performance of the Maserati engine by providing excellent protection from wear, rust and corrosion, while reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions. The co-branded range includes the new Shell Helix Ultra 0W-30, specifically designed for the newly introduced Hybrid engines, that joins the 5W-40 and the 10W-60 versions for petrol and diesel engines.

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