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E-Cars Modena
E-Cars Modena
1 Joanni & Aggelikis Kordari, Ayios Athanasios - Limassol CY4102
By choosing the Ghibli, you’re demanding more from your drive: more luxurious relaxation; more thrilling enjoyment behind the wheel. Our range of accessories reflects that thirst for excellence, further enhancing the comfort, style and exhilarating driving experience of this truly extraordinary vehicle.
GH_rims_hero_square GH_rims_hero_mobile
Wheel Rims
Each wheel on the Ghibli is a small masterpiece, perfectly balanced, technologically advanced and eminently stylish. When you customize your wheels, you’ll discover the peak of pin-sharp handling and refined power your car can offer - and you’ll make it with your own personal style.
BrandedValve_Caps_esecutivo_GH_square BrandedValve_Caps_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Branded Valve Cover
A detail may be subtle, but it can still speak volumes. The branded Valve Covers are just such a feature. Embossed with the Maserati Trident on the valve cover cap, they are made of lightweight, rustproof material and whisper quality.
Wheel_Center_Caps_square Wheel_Center_Caps_vertical
Wheel Center Caps
Strongly evocative of the Maserati performance soul and the assertive power of the Ghibli, our Wheel Centre Caps instil your wheel rims with racetrack energy. Choose from powerful Matt Black, silken Glossy Black, or stylish Carbon Fibre, all with the iconic Maserati Trident logo as a centrepiece.
171900M_esecutivo_GH_square 171900M_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Exterior Carbon Package
With this package you can add carbon fibre detailing, transforming your Ghibli to bear the unmistakeable marks of Maserati racing style. The kit includes several carbon fibre sport customisations: Window Mirrors, Door Handle, Front Grille, Rear Spoiler, Front Splitter, Central & Rear Pillar, Wheel Caps, Front Doorsills. *Please check whether your vehicle can be fitted with these components.
ghibli_grey_central-tunnel_opt2_startup_screen ghibli_grey_central-tunnel_opt2_startup_screen
Gearshift Paddles
The blissful ease of an automatic can make for a relaxing grand tour – but for a truly passionate driver, the option to elicit even more power from the engine is irresistible. Our frosted aluminium Gearshift Paddles give you control of the gears for sports-style driving in your Ghibli. *Please check whether your vehicle can be fitted with these components.
Sport_Pedal_Covers_square Sport_Pedal_Covers_vertical
Sport Pedal Covers
Form and function combine seamlessly in the striking brushed steel Sport Pedals. Adding a touch of sporting elegance they are carefully designed with engineered rubber inserts for maximum ‘feel’ when driving at speed. The Maserati oval logo on each pedal cover adds an extra touch of refinement. *Please check whether your vehicle can be fitted with these components. *Please be aware, the Universal Tablet Holder cannot be installed if the vehicle is equipped with Sport Seats
indoor_car_cover_square indoor_car_cover_vertical
Indoor Car Cover
Make sure your Ghibli is completely and beautifully protected with our Indoor Car Cover. Snug inside the cover, the car’s smooth lines are pleasingly visible, while the specially chosen, anti-laddering fabric, which can also be personalized with your initials, ensures bodywork, rims and tyres remain pristine. The cover folds neatly into a branded bag when you’re ready to get behind the wheel.
outdoor_car_cover_square outdoor_car_cover_vertical
Outdoor Car Cover
Protect your Ghibli beautifully with our Outdoor Car Cover. Breathable and stretchable, the figure-hugging fabric flexes with the wind and shrugs off the rain with no hint of flapping or rattling. The cover is a lustrous light grey colour adorned with the Trident, and it can also be personalised with your initials on demand. Three side air vents add a finishing touch in true Maserati style.
GH_Telo_Zegna_esecutivo_GH_square GH_Telo_Zegna_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Indoor Car Cover Zegna
Specifically tailor made, the Maserati Zegna Indoor Car Cover not only fully protects your Ghibli but ensures your vehicle looks as sensational in your garage as it does on the road. Thanks to the exclusive stretchy and breathable fabric, the Zegna Indoor Car Cover assures the best fit and avoids any condensation, making sure your Ghibli is completely protected and taken care of.
Microfibre-Cloth_esecutivo_GH_square Microfibre-Cloth_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Microfiber Cloth
Wipe away fingerprints on your touchscreen simply and quickly with the Microfibre Cloth. Featuring a printed carbon fibre pattern, it is cleverly designed to clean and protect your Maserati’s Touch Control display leaving it in perfect condition.
protective_film_square protective_film_vertical
Side Protective Films
On a high-performance vehicle, the sides of the bodywork are vulnerable to scratches and dulling from gravel. The Side Protective Film allows you to enjoy an exhilarating drive without hesitation, knowing that your paintwork is shielded from damage. Created from the same urethane layer as the Protective Film for the Loading Edge, it is virtually invisible and will remain so over time. The film is applied using a water-based adhesive solution, which can be removed without leaving any residue.
AllSeason_FloorMat_esecutivo_GH_square AllSeason_FloorMat_esecutivo_GH_vertical
All Seasons Floor Mats
The All Seasons Floor Mats offer robust protection and the safest possible drive. Perfectly fitted, the mats anchor firmly to the floor with clips, making sure the carpet is completely covered and the pedals are unobstructed. The easy-to-clean black rubber offers excellent grip, wet or dry. It is completely waterproof and resists snow, sand, oil and mud. The kit consists of two front and two rear mats.
all_seasons_mats_edges_square all_seasons_mats_edges_vertical
All Seasons Floor Mats with Edge
The All Seasons Floor Mats with Edge are the ideal solution to protect the vehicle’s interior and preserve the quality and beauty of the passenger compartment over the time, even in the most extreme conditions. Made of black rubber material, the mats are shaped to precisely fit the interiors of your car, efficiently protecting from water, mud, sand and any other external agents.
BrandedMat_GH_esecutivo_GH_square BrandedMat_GH_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Branded Floor Mats
Our Branded Floor Mats are designed to enhance the luxurious interior of the Ghibli. Each mat is trimmed with eco-leather, and the driver’s mat is decorated with a finely embroidered version of the Ghibli logo on a special insert. The mats mould to the shape of the vehicle and anchor for stability and safety while driving. The colour options – Black, Brown and Sabbia – perfectly complement the interior upholstery. The kit consists of two front and two rear mats.
battery_charger_square battery_charger_vertical
Battery Charger & Maintainer
The Battery Charger and Maintainer keeps a watchful eye on your battery levels, maintaining them at between 95% and 100% so your Maserati is ready to go whenever you are. Simply connect the charger into a standard power socket and attach it to your battery and plugs - you can leave it connected for several months.
LuggageMat_esecutivo_GH_square LuggageMat_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Luggage Compartment Mat
The Luggage Compartment Mat is a perfect fit for the Ghibli, covering and protecting every inch of the carpet. The washable, waterproof material protects against water, snow, sand, oil or mud. The mat is elegantly decorated, echoing the lines of the car’s interior and recalling its sporty, stylish silhouette.
ReversibleLuggageMat2_esecutivo_GH_square ReversibleLuggageMat2_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Reversible Luggage Compartment Mat
Whether you’re loading up luxury luggage or snow-caked skiing gear, the Reversible Luggage Compartment Mat ensures your luggage compartment is prepared. One side of the mat is hard-wearing rubber, waterproof and easy to clean. The other is plush black carpet. A comfortable handle on either side makes it easy to lift, turn and position the mat. Both sides are embellished with an elegant metal plate, hand-enamelled in black, bearing the Maserati logo.
Ghibli-BootProtectorNew_esecutivo_GH_square Ghibli-BootProtectorNew_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Loading Edge Protective Mat
Extending almost to ground level, this mat protects the edge of the luggage compartment and the rear bumper against the unavoidable bumps from heavy luggage. Designed in robust, non-flammable and water-repellent material, it will keep your paintwork and bodywork in immaculate condition for longer.
Ghibli-BootNet_esecutivo_GH_square Ghibli-BootNet_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Luggage Compartment Net
In order for you to focus on driving your Maserati, we’ve designed a Luggage Compartment Net that keeps belongings firmly in place. Crafted in black colour, it attaches securely to the luggage compartment floor. With a double layer for extra security, it ensures smaller items are safely anchored while you enjoy your on-road experience to the full.
Foldable-Box_esecutivo_GH_square Foldable-Box_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Luggage Compartment Foldable Box
Providing the most efficient use of space in the luggage compartment, the Foldable Box is the ideal place to store your smaller items safely. Beautifully designed and impressively versatile, with attachments and pockets, it’s both elegant and immensely versatile. Collapsing the two large compartments, it transforms into a Maserati branded leather-finish briefcase, to hold your important documents or a tablet.
Ski_SnowboardBag_esecutivo_GH_square Ski_SnowboardBag_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Ski & Snowboard Bag
Substantial enough for three pairs of skis, or a pair of skis and a snowboard, the Ski and Snowboard Bag is the perfect partner for your Ghibli on the slopes. With a rear seat folded down, the bag slots neatly into place, securely attached to a hook in the luggage compartment and to the rear seat with a sturdy strap. The bag can be extended by 30 cm to comfortably accommodate longer length skis.
Courtesy_light_square Courtesy_light_vertical
Courtesy Lights with Logo
Customize your Maserati with a touch of exclusivity with specifically designed Courtesy Lights with Logos. Feel free to choose between two different lenses (“Maserati” or “Trident” logos) to emphasize the elegant and sporty soul of your Maserati, leaving a distinctive sign when getting out of the car.
TabletHolder_NoAp_2020_esecutivo_GH_square TabletHolder_NoAp_2020_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Universal Tablet Holder
While you enjoy being behind the wheel of your Ghibli, your passengers in the back can relax with quality in-seat entertainment. The Universal Tablet Holder mounts securely on the front seat headrest and holds a tablet or large smartphone. It can be easily adjusted to the perfect position for watching films or reading documents. Designed in black soft-touch material, the holder features a silk-screened Maserati logo in silver grey, attractive and unobtrusive enough that it can be left installed in place at all times. *Please check whether your vehicle can be fitted with this component.
Personalised_Front_Door_Sills_Plates_square Personalised_Front_Door_Sills_Plates_vertical
Personalised Front Door Sills Plates
Make your Maserati a unique masterpiece. In line with the Trident style,luxury and exclusivity, it is now possible to personalise the Front Door Sill Plates with the name initials or a combination of letters, graphically embellished with the iconic “Saetta” line logo that distinguishes all the Maserati vehicles.
Umbrella3_esecutivo_GH_square Umbrella3_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Hardwearing and beautifully practical, the Maserati umbrella is double-folding to fit neatly in the front glove box or door panel compartments. With subtle black-on-black tonal designs and a chrome-plated Maserati Trident on the handle it complements your car’s exterior beautifully.
child_seats_composizione_esecutivo child_seats_composizione_esecutivo
Designed for the most precious passengers, the Maserati Child Seats and ISOFIX Base have been developed in line with the quality, design and loving care that evokes the style and elegance of the Trident. Born to perfectly fit with your Maserati, they come in a mélange fabric in metallic color outer lining, embellished by an elegant white edge piping. All the three Child Seats are branded “Maserati” and customized with the Trident logo on the headrest and the "Maserati" name. The child seats are fully tested and comply with the current homologation criteria and are divided into three groups (0+; 1; 2/3), depending on the stature height of the child. They can be installed rear- and/or forward facing according to the Child Seat group.  All the Maserati vehicles are equipped with the ISOFIX anchoring system, a value added in terms of child safety and practicality. Using the ISOFIX Base, the child seat can be securely fitted to the vehicle and easily removed. Notes: please refer to your dealer for additional information about availability and restrictions.
EmergencyKit_esecutivo_GH_square EmergencyKit_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Emergency Kit
The Emergency Kit holds all you could need to stay safe by the side of the road. Elegantly contained in a black case embellished with the Maserati name, it attaches securely and unobtrusively into the left-hand recess of the Ghibli luggage compartment. Inside the kit you’ll find: Hazard triangle, Reflective vest, Light sticks, Wind-up torch, First aid kit, Gloves and Ice scraper. *The items in the kit may vary from country to country.
JumperCables_esecutivo_GH_square JumperCables_esecutivo_GH_vertical
Jumper Cables
These reliable and easy-to-use Jumper Cables are reassuring for you to keep in your Ghibli and can prove invaluable in helping other road users. Their practical leather-finish case, with Maserati branding, can be easily stored in the luggage compartment.

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colours, designs and technical features at any time and without prenotice. Official Maserati Dealers will be glad to provide further details and updates in this regard.

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Build your own Maserati Ghibli

Build your own Maserati Ghibli

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