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The Power of Nature

The departure
Header-KV-rev3 Header-KV-VELA-PORTRAIT

The departure is by motor. If you are following the Sailor who has taken the land route, you are heading towards the imperious red crest of the island. The Ghibli Hybrid is en route to the top of the cliff but for now the 330-horsepower engine moves in a whisper through the streets just above the harbour: you see houses giving way to trees, people giving way to sheep and goats, signs and billboards giving way to the sun.
If, on the other hand, you have taken the sea route - but remember everything happens at the same time, with the same technological visions - the definitely more noisier engine of the Maserati Multi 70 trimaran, takes you at a speed of five knots off the dock (look at the green lighthouse on your left and dive into the details of the sea) to then cross the bay in search of the best wind.

Meanwhile, while everything in the cabin - from the natural leather upholstery and the leather and wood steering wheel to the steel pedal set - is steadily pecking on the asphalt following the road, the panel’s cluster display shows the results of the combined action of the 4-cylinder engine and the 48V alternator: at every curve, at every deceleration or braking, potential energy is absorbed by the car to be released with an acceleration a moment later. It is a complex, integrated system of exchanges: like Nature, like our journey. In fact, inside the car there are no discernible imbalances or shocks (the DC converter and the 48V battery are located in the rear to distribute the weight): the interconnection of the systems is energy itself.
On the trimaran instead, as it passes the bay, the sailor turns off the engine while the crew begins to rig the sails. First the mainsail is hoisted up the mast, then the jib gives the boat an absolute and perfect shape. The crew moves on the grinder with strength and synchrony, the wind blows in and the knots increase.