3500GT/3500GTI Spyder

Master coachbuilder Alfredo Vignale of Turin won the contract to produce the open-top version of Maserati's first full-production GT car. The car's styling - penned by Giovanni Michelotti - differed from that of the Touring coupé's with a slightly more angular and muscular design language. Touring had also proposed an open-top version of its coupé, of which just three were produced; while Vignale built several pre-production prototypes showing differences in various details before the final production design was settled. In six years, some 250 Vignale Spyders were sold. Mechanically, the car shared its components with the coupé; but its wheelbase was shortened by 10cm. Lucas direct fuel injection and 5-speed gearbox were available for both the spyder and the coupé from 1961 onwards; and all-round disc brakes from 1962. The spyder's body was made of steel, but the doors, bonnet and boot lid were in light alloy, as was the optional hardtop. Electric windows came as standard. Performance was perfectly suited to open-air motoring with a top speed of 220 km/h for the 3500GTI version.

Data sheet 3500GT Spyder 3500GTI Spyder
Model code Tipo AM101 Tipo AM101/Iniezione
Body type 2-seater spyder 2-seater spyder
Design Vignale Vignale
Production years 1958 - 1963 1958 - 1963
Maserati era Orsi family Orsi family
Numbers produced 204 56
Chassis Tubular ladder-frame platform Tubular ladder-frame platform
Dry / kerb weight 1,440kg 1,440kg
Engine configuration Straight six, double overhead camshaft Straight six, double overhead camshaft
Displacement 3,485cc 3,485cc
Maximum power 220hp @ 5,500rpm 235hp @ 5,800rpm
Top speed 215km/h 220km/h
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