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2000 Gran Turismo (54)

The experience gained with the successful 2000 Sport was used for a small series GT cars with elevated performances and reserved to a limited number of elite customers. Its 150hp gave the 2000 Gran Turismo of 1954 the true GT performance its predecessor lacked and this car was highly appreciated by the public. With a displacement of 1,985cc and fed by three carburettors, the engine developed 150hp at 6,000rpm (increased to 160hp with twin-plug ignition from 1956), propelling the car to an impressive 210km/h thanks to long gearing and Zagato’s lightweight body. The first Zagato bodied A6G54 was displayed at the Paris Motor Show in 1954. The year is significant as the cars were and still are often referred to as the A6G54 GT. The A6G54 was offered in the company’s sales brochure with four different body styles including coupé and spyder designs by Frua and a more formal coupé design by Allemano. 60 cars were built in total in just over three years but, interestingly, 20 were sold with the fourth option, Zagato’s competition-oriented coupé style. Maserati’s technical refinement and Zagato’s relentless quest for aerodynamic purity resulted in the ultimate racing berlinetta of the 1950s.

Data sheet A6G54 2000 Gran Turismo
Model codeTipo A6G54
Body type 2-door, 2+2 coupé or spyder
Design Frua, Allemano, Zagato
Production years 1954 - 1957
Maserati era Orsi family
Numbers produced60
Chassis Tubular steel with four main longitudinal side members and cross members, sheet steel or aluminium body panels depending on the bodywork
Dry / kerb weight 840 / 1,140kg
Engine configuration Straight 6, double overhead camshaft
Maximum power 150hp @ 6,000rpm
Top speed195 - 210km/h
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