Hybrid technology by name, roaring Maserati power by life. 
Like every other Maserati the Ghibli and Levante GT Hybrid are captivating in their looks, inspiring to drive, and a special experience each and every time. 
And yes, they sound incredible. 

Ghibli GT Hybrid Ghibli GT Hybrid

Ghibli GT Hybrid

High performance engineering meets innovation and technology. 
The exhilaration of driving a Maserati has never been so efficiently delivered. 
The pioneering spirit of the Ghibli is now fused with the future.

Levante GT Hybrid

Power every adventure you take more efficiently. 
The Levante GT Hybrid raises performance and style to new heights, cleverly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. 
A new wave of performance makes for electrifying journeys ahead.  
Levante GT Hybrid Levante GT Hybrid