Maserati-David-Beckham-Made-Audacious-Trofeo_hero Maserati-David-Beckham-Made-Audacious-Trofeo_hero


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Here’s to living in the moment.

To paving your own path.
To standing up to convention.
To sticking to your beliefs.

Maserati and David Beckham: two of the same kind.

Natural-born gamechanger

A boy with a dream.
A dream that turned into reality thanks to tireless determination.
A sporting legend, style icon, businessman and philanthropist.

David Beckham is the perfect partner as we drive our brand forward into our new era.

Natural-born gamechanger Natural-born gamechanger



It is the start of a new chapter at Maserati and an exciting time for me to come on board and begin this partnership.
It is an iconic global brand which shares my appreciation for excellence and commitment to pursuing the very best innovation and design.
Passion and dedication runs through everything I do and Maserati shares this determination.

David Beckham



Up close and personal

Maserati and David Beckham come together for the first time in this inspiring short film that sees our new Ambassador with the powerful Levante Trofeo in Miami. The laser-sharp eye of acclaimed director Harmony Korine captures emotions beyond appearances revealing his daring rebellious spirit, living the moment of the Art of Fast.

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Our journey together has just started Our journey together has just started

Our journey together has just started

And we can't wait to show you where it's headed.
Something unique and progressive is on the horizon, as you would expect from two icons.


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The Maserati of SUVs
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