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Maserati Complete Wheels

Take advantage of our racing heritage by fitting Maserati Genuine Tyres (MGT) to your Maserati.

In pursuit of the perfect fit

Maserati Genuine Tyres are engineered to deliver racing-level traction across all road conditions. The "MGT" marking guarantee the optimal control and precision while driving.

The range of MGT Tyres includes Summer, Winter, and All Seasons tyres to offer the maximum performance in dry and wet conditions.

The Maserati Genuine Tyres development goes along with the Maserati vehicle one and takes approximately three years. You can not rush perfection.

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Essential reason for using MGT Summer Tyres

Essential reason for using MGT Winter Tyres

Maserati Genuine Tyres (MGT): Maserati on the road with a winter landscape background Maserati Genuine Tyres (MGT): Maserati on the road with a winter landscape background

Enhance your Maserati
with extraordinary accessories

Maserati Genuine Accessories offer the perfect combination of exclusive design and exceptional functionality.

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