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Giovanni Soldini
Hong Kong to London

Relive the Epic Journey

February 23, 2018. Giovanni Soldini and the Maserati Multi70 crew pass under the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and establish the new Hong Kong – London sailing record. Historic emotion, the brisk London air, the satisfaction of an exhilarating journey that has come to a close. Relive the adventure.

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Maserati Multi70 trimaran

Length overall: 21.2 m
Draft: 4.5 m
Height above waterline: 29 m
Upwind sail area: 210 m²
Beam overall: 16.8 m
Mask Rake:
Light displacement: 6.3 t
Downwind sail area: 409 m²

21.2 metres in length and 16.8 in the beam, the Maserati Multi70 is as glistening and grand as the seas it will brave. Innovative, stunning and blindingly fast, the Multi70 is primed for new ocean challenges.

Soldini’s crew will use both races to help them develop the Maserati Multi70 trimaran to its full potential as an offshore foiling raceboat.
Giovanni Soldini
Maserati Multi70 Skipper

Born in Milan on May 16 1966, Giovanni has been sailing since he was a small boy.

He has over 25 years of ocean racing to his credit, including two single-handed round the worlds (he won the Around Alone in 1999 and made history by also rescuing Isabelle Autissier, and finished second overall in the 1995 BOC Challenge), six Québec-Saint Malos (one victory in the monohull category), six Ostars (two victories in the 50’ and 40’ classes), three Transat Jacques Vabres (one victory in the 40’ class) and over 40 ocean crossings.

Soldini also set a slew of records aboard the VOR70 Maserati, not least on the Cadiz-San Salvador route(2012) and the New York-San Francisco Gold Route (13,225 miles in 47 days, 42’and 29”).

He established the new time to beat too on the San Francisco-Shanghai Tea Clipper Route

An Epic Journey from Hong Kong Sailing Across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

Giovanni Soldini and his crew arrived in London aboard the Maserati Multi70.


Thunderous Performance and Luxurious Italian Style

Maserati took the 2018 New York International Auto Show by storm.

An epic journey. Congratulations to Giovanni Soldini Pagina Ufficiale and his crew. They made history aboard the Maserati Multi 70. The new world record for the Hong Kong-London “Tea Route” has been set: 36 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes.

From Hong-Kong to London. A non-stop 24,000 km-route aboard the Maserati Multi70 trimaran. Giovanni Soldini is working alongside four expert sailors to set a new record in 2018.

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