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Premium Service

This program covers all the inspections and component or consumable replacements detailed in your car’s Maintenance Schedule – which you can find in your Owner’s Manual.

The Premium Service offers:
Oil Filter -
Air Filter -
Pollen Filter -
Spark Plugs -
Consumables -

Premium_Service_square Premium_Service_vertical
Premium Service Plus

This builds on the Premium package by adding the front and rear brake pads, front and rear brake discs, and driver-side or passenger-side wiper blades.

The Premium Service Plus* offers:
Oil Filter -
Air Filter -
Pollen Filter -
Spark Plugs -
Consumables -
Inspections -
Brake Pads -
Brake Discs -
Windscreen Wipers -

*Additional components included in the Premium Plus program may be replaced once only during the program’s duration.

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Interval Running Coupons
Maserati provides for a series of checks and maintenance operations including the 1st and subsequent services when the vehicle reaches specific mileage or time reported in your “Scheduled Service Plan”. More information is available in Owners Manuals and Quick guides.
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Scheduled Maintenance Indicator
The service indicator system will remind you when your next service is due. Maserati recommends that these maintenance intervals are performed at the Service Network. The technicians at your dealership know your vehicle best, and have access to factory approved information, genuine Maserati parts, and specially designed electronic and mechanical tools that can help prevent future costly repairs.

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