Circuit: A 2.3 KM Long University


Maserati Circuit Gallery

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This is it. The place where it gets real

A kind of campus for aspiring drivers worldwide seeking their Masters in Maserati driving.
You’ll be out there holding the racing line, tyres fighting for grip, before powering out of the notorious “Ferro di Cavallo” horseshoe bend. You’ll master your late-braking skills at the Jacky Ickx hairpin. And you’ll be getting faster and faster all the time.
Yes, the Varano track is challenging, but it’s also forgiving, so you can immerse yourself in the joys of performance driving in complete safety under the close guidance of our professional instructors.
When it comes to off-road activities, the experience is equally unforgettable. These take place in a private nature reserve, with rutted trails, steep inclines and descents and natural obstacles. There‘s also a low-grip area and an irrigated slide facility.
Nestled in beautiful Italian countryside near Parma, the Varano track is an elite motor sport venue, but there’s also a warm family atmosphere and impressive new hospitality services. This makes it ideal for both learning and relaxed enjoyment for drivers and their guests.

Digital Driving Forces

Are you braking too early? Braking too much? Are you missing the turn-in? And how about throttle use – could you be accelerating harder?
These questions, and many others, are answered when you sit down with your Master Maserati driving instructor and go through the telemetry data.
Telemetry picks up signals from your car such as gear shift timing, acceleration, braking force, steering angle and engine speed.
Off the track, this can be analysed on-screen to see how you’re doing, and what can be improved.
You can also compare your data with that of elite drivers on the same track – revealing how much performance is still available.
Video plays a role, too. Cameras record your laps on the track, which gives valuable insight on your technique and approach.
You’ll learn, for example, the importance of looking where you want to go, not where you’re going, when it comes to improving your driving performance.
All in all, what you learn will transform the way you drive the next time you take to the track.
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