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Master Maserati
Driving Courses

Master your driving

Driving a Maserati presents two thrilling possibilities. First, there’s seemingly endless dynamic power to explore, on and off the road. Second, Maserati performance offers you a uniquely accessible opportunity to develop as a driver, regardless of ability or experience.  

Which is why we created the Master Maserati driving courses. These allow you to celebrate this potential in every Maserati vehicle. You can even drive the GranTurismo GT4 racing car and experience hot laps next to Andrea Bertolini, three-time GT1 world champion.

You also benefit from on-board, one-to-one encouragement and coaching from international championship-winning instructors. These really are opportunities without equal anywhere else in the world.

The environment itself has its own unique appeal. Our track is nestled deep in the tranquil Italian countryside, a short drive from Parma. And even amid of the rumble and roar of Maserati engines, the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly.

We look forward to seeing you at the track – and welcoming you to the Maserati family.

A unique gift

Words are rarely enough to describe certain special experiences. Like a heart-pounding hot lap with a world champion at the wheel. Or taking your own place in the stripped-down, race-ready cockpit of the GranTurismo GT4 before pushing its limits on the track. Turn words into action for someone special – and make a gift of an unforgettable Master Maserati driving course.

Master Incentive

Nothing bonds a team or rewards the talent in your business quite like the unbridled fun and excitement of a tailor-made Master Maserati driving course. The experience is also perfect for treating VIP clients. Whether taking on high-speed track challenges or developing all-terrain skills, the learning curves are steep but accessible and inspiring – all supported by first-class hospitality in the heart of beautiful Emilia-Romagna.

A 2.3 KM Long University

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