Giovanni Soldini described how the incident unfolded

“We were making 30 knots on a reach in 22 knots of wind off the south-west of Sicily when we heard a sharp bang and the rudder was gone. We don’t know what we hit. The bearings (inside which the rudders rotate) were torn out. We lost the lot: rudder, fitting and sector”.

In Malta with severely damaged rudder

A serious damage for Maserati Multi70 that sailed into port at Malta’s Grand Harbour yesterday morning

On the night of October 16, the Italian MOD70 was involved with a high speed collision with an unidentified floating object 150 miles off Malta en route from La Spezia. Her starboard rudder, rudder tubes and one of the sectors attached to the rudder arm were all completely destroyed in the incident. 

Despite the severity of the damage, however, Maserati Multi70’s crew managed sail the craft safely and unaided into the Maltese port.