Levante Genuine Accessories - Transport and Loading Solutions

Roof Box

The lightweight, capacious Roof Box increases the generous luggage space of the Levante by an extra 410 litres. Designed with an eye for style, its sleek aerodynamic curves mirror those of the vehicle itself. The box is secured with two locks, and opens from either side for easy loading and unloading.

Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier

The Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier is made of lightweight, aerodynamic aluminium. Its padded bars clamp your skis and snowboards gently and securely in place. When unloading, you can slide the equipment towards you and release it with the touch of a button, without taking off your gloves. The system carries up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards, and locks so you can leave them safely with your vehicle.

Towbar Mounted Bike Carrier

Compact, lightweight, and straightforward to use, the Towbar Mounted Bike Carrier is a simple way to transport up to three bikes. The bike carrier attaches to the towbar hook at the back of the car with a convenient handle. When you need to open the luggage compartment, press the pedal to tilt the bikes out of your way. The bike carrier has a double locking system for extra security, attaching it to both the bicycles and the towbar system.

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