Maserati expands into Canberra and the Gold Coast

Maserati is expanding its representation in Australia to meet growing demand for Maserati cars and the superlative customer service that is an essential part of Maserati ownership.

Maserati is expanding its representation in Australia with new dealerships opening in Canberra and the Gold Coast to meet growing demand for Maserati cars and the superlative customer service that is an essential part of Maserati ownership.

“Maserati has increased its sales six-fold in Australia, but this has not been at the cost of the uniquely exclusive and personalized customer service that comes with every Maserati,” explains Glen Sealey, Chief Operating Officer of Maserati Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. “To date this has been achieved by a continuous programme of improvements in existing dealerships as well as additional dealerships in Sydney and Melbourne. But now it is time to expand into the Gold Coast and Canberra to support existing owners in these areas and to bring more people into the Maserati family.”

The two new dealerships have been designed with the flair, style and exclusivity expected of Maserati. Fitted out with hand crafted Italian furniture and staffed with Maserati experts, be it in the showroom or the service area.

“Just as a Maserati performs exquisitely under all conditions and meets all the demands placed on it, a Maserati dealer must be a full, complete and exclusive representation of everything that is expected of the Maserati legend,” says Mr Sealey. “This is from the personal welcome, to the perfect Italian coffee, through the ideal presentation of each Maserati model to the factory trained technicians using the latest tools to ensure that every Maserati is in peak condition.”

Maserati Gold Coast, which opened its Ferry Road, Southport doors in November is followed by the opening in December of Maserati Canberra, which is in Melrose Drive, Philip. 

Throughout their design and development phases, both have drawn extensively on Maserati experts in Australia and Italy to prepare both building and staff alike.

“It is tempting to think that, now that the buildings are complete, and the staff are in place that both dealerships have completed the hard yards,” says Mr Sealey. “But the truth is that they have really just begun as they have to not just maintain Maserati standards, they have to have a process of continuous improvement and we will be testing them at every turn.

“But we are not the final arbiters,” says Mr Sealey.

“Both Maserati Canberra and Maserati Gold Coast will have to continuously enhance standards under the scrutiny of the most important judges of all – Maserati owners and those wishing to join the Maserati family. We know they have made a superb start and we have complete faith that they will surprise, impress and delight everyone who enters these superb new Maserati dealerships.”

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