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Tang Polo Club in Beijing, China

Maserati Polo Tour 2016 concludes with inspiring play at the China Open
Beijing, 11 September 2016 – With a thrilling match at the prestigious Tang Polo Club in Beijing, China, the 2016 edition of the Maserati Polo Tour has come to an end following stops at six prominent polo fields around the world.

With its 12-goal level, the 2016 China Open Polo Tournament attracted many of the world’s finest polo players and provided an opportunity for guests to experience the luxurious qualities of Maserati cars. The Event was hosted by China’s leading Polo and Equestrian Club, the only Chinese Polo Club accredited by the General Administration of Sport of China and Chinese Equestrian Association.

Played over two days, 4 talented polo teams, featuring top professional players from across the world, delivered competitive and entertaining polo to the more than 300 guests who attended the matches. Among the players were also very special Royal guests; HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah and HH Prince Qawi  playing respectively in the Maserati Team.
With a thrilling performance, the Maserati team, featuring top players like Facundo Fernandez Llorente, and Martin Podesta, completed the semi-final match with a 4 to 5 loss to the Tang Polo Club.    

Adding to the event’s lively atmosphere was the Maserati car display, further enhancing the match experience for car aficionados and newcomers alike. Maserati exhibited its two most important vehicle models for 2016 at the competition, including its new Quattroporte model, with an exterior restyling, further refinement for the interior and additional high-tech features, as well the all-new SUV Levante, both of which are available with a Ferrari built petrol engine.

“We are honored to have organized the final match of the Maserati Polo Tour 2016 in Bejing and are delighted to have presented such an exciting and wonderful polo tour to our local customers,” said Mirko Bordiga, Managing Director of Maserati China. “Polo shares many similarities with the Maserati brand, in performance and lifestyle. Both are known for bringing together individuals with a passion for competition, style, excitement and awe-inspiring performance. They are welcome and enjoyed by our Chinese customers.”  

In its third year, the Maserati Polo Tour 2016 travelled around the world to some of the most exclusive polo destinations on three continents, from St. Moritz to Dubai, Great Britain, the USA, Spain and China.  Always in partnership with La Martina, the technical supplier to the Maserati teams.
For access to photos, extra content and updates from each leg of the Maserati Polo Tour visit www.maseratipolo.com.  

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