Maserati Polo Tour 2016

Maserati further reinforces its presence in the polo world by sponsoring all over 2016 some of the world’s most prestigious polo tournaments, from Europe to the USA and China, always in partnership with La Martina, official supplier of the Maserati Team.

Maserati Polo Tour 2016 concludes with inspiring play at the China Open

Dubai Polo Team wins the Maserati Bronze Cup at the 45th International Polo Tournament in Sotogrande

The prestigious USPA Maserati Silver Cup in Santa Barbara hosts the Maserati Polo Tour

Beaufort Polo Club plays host to Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy as part of the Maserati Polo Tour

Maserati Polo Tour in collaboration with La Martina gains speed in Dubai

Maserati Polo Tour 2016 started with the “Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz” in full speed

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