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Maserati Service App. The Maserati experience goes mobile.

Maserati Service App. The Maserati experience goes mobile.

The new Maserati Service App allows Maserati owners to access a wealth of information and services via their mobile devices.

Designed to provide clear information and an intuitive experience, the App can help users find out more about their vehicle, locate a nearby Maserati partner or mechanic, contact our Customer Care service, and much more.

The App includes the following easy to navigate sections: My Profile, Dealers, Dashboard, Documentation, Maintenance and Cutomer Care.

To access all the features provided by the Maserati Service App, users simply tap in their VIN (vehicle identification number). At this point, they might want to consult their car’s documentation, or explore all the features of their dashboard’s instrument panel. Wondering what a specific light on the panel means? In a few taps, the Maserati Service App allows you to quickly learn about the all lights and warnings, displaying accurate images and detailed explanations, enabling drivers to always have a in-depth understanding of their vehicle.

For added convenience and peace of mind, the Maserati Service App features a Maintenance section, detailing their Maserati’s maintenance plan and service work carried out so far. Time for servicing? Simply access the Dealers section of the App, and easily locate Maserati partners and approved mechanics near you.

The Maserati Service App connects our clients to Maserati in a new, hassle-free way. The Customer Care icon opens the door to a number of convenient assistance solutions that will help make our clients’ driving experience as smooth as possible. With a few taps, users can reach our Contact Center, or, if in need of help, get in touch with our Roadside Assistance service, by simply selecting its icon within the App. This ensures users will avoid unreliable services, by connecting them directly with Maserati or its trusted partners.

The Maserati Service App is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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