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Genuine Accessories

Maserati Genuine Accessories offer the perfect combination of exclusive design and exceptional functionality.
Maserati accessories and customisation - exterior package, side mirror

The pleasure of customising

You can emphasise the sportiness of your vehicle still further with stunning sport accessories, creating a driving experience that’s rich in style and passion.

With our range of care accessories you can keep your Maserati in perfect condition, drawing all eyes wherever it goes.

With our practical accessories you make the most of the ample luggage capacity in any of our models, whether you’re carrying suitcases for your family or just your jacket and briefcase.

Finally our range of technological and functional accessories is designed to make the most of your time, maximising the enjoyment, ease and convenience of your car.
Complete_wheels Complete_wheels_mobile

Maserati Complete Wheels

Take advantage of our racing heritage by fitting Maserati Genuine Tyres (MGT) to your Maserati.

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