MASERATI-MODENA0056_bianco_esecutivo_QP MASERATI-MODENA0056_bianco_esecutivo_QP
Courtesy Lights with Logo
Customize your Maserati with a touch of exclusivity with specifically designed Courtesy Lights with Logos. Feel free to choose between two different lenses (“Maserati” or “Trident” logos) to emphasize the elegant and sporty soul of your Maserati, leaving a distinctive sign when getting out of the car.
QP_iPad_esecutivo_QP QP_iPad_esecutivo_QP
Universal Tablet Holder
While you enjoy the thrill of the Quattroporte driving experience, your back seat passengers can sit and relax with in-seat entertainment. The Universal Tablet Holder is designed to be mounted on the front seat headrest. It holds a tablet or large smartphone which can be perfectly positioned for watching films or reading documents. Black soft-touch material and a silver grey, silk-screened Maserati logo, make it attractive and unobtrusive enough to be left in place even when not in use.
Battitacco_personalizzazione_esecutivo_QP Battitacco_personalizzazione_esecutivo_QP
Personalised Front Door Sills Plates
Make your Maserati a unique masterpiece. In line with the Trident style, luxury and exclusivity, it is now possible to personalise the Front Door Sill Plates with the name initials or a combination of letters, graphically embellished with the iconic “Saetta” line logo that distinguishes all the Maserati vehicles.
Umbrella_3QP_esecutivo_QP Umbrella_3QP_esecutivo_QP
Like your Quattroporte itself the Maserati umbrella speaks of engineered quality. It is robust and ergonomic, and has a double-folding design that makes it the perfect size for the front glove box or door panel compartments. It has a chrome-plated Maserati Trident on the handle and its subtle black-on-black tonal designs reflect the car’s exterior.

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