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Carbon Fiber Exterior Kit
Add a unique and distinctive racing character to your MC20 with the Carbon Fiber Exterior Kit. The kit includes several carbon fiber sport customization options: Exhaust Tips in Dark Matte Finish, Carbon Fibre Front Splitter, Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser, Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler, Carbon Fibre molding body side sills, Carbon Fibre Hood (Exterior painted in Body Color – Exposed Carbon Interior), Carbon Fibre Engine Cover.
202680M_square 202680M_vertical
Carbon Fiber Interior Kit
Specifically designed to elevate the racing DNA of this super sport car, the Carbon fiber interior kit emphasizes its sporty soul thanks to some unique elements. The kit includes: Carbon fiber cluster cap, Carbon fiber Paddle Shifters, Carbon fiber door sills.
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Carbon Engine Cover
Acceleration, radical performance, and extra protection. The Carbon Fiber Engine Cover protects the Nettuno engine, the beating heart of your MC20, with a gorgeously distinctive design.
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Wheel Rims
Add your personal style to your MC20 with a wide range of exclusive Wheel Rims. The Maserati range of bold, elegant and sporty wheel rims maximizes the vehicle’s soul, speed, power and style.
202570M_4X3_carbonfiber_mod_square 202570M_4X3_carbonfiber_mod_vertical
Carbon Wheel Center Caps
Strongly evocative of the Maserati performance and sporty soul, the Carbon Fibre Wheel Centre Caps with the iconic Maserati Trident logo as a centerpiece, instill the wheel rims with racetrack energy.
caliper_square caliper_vertical
Colored Brake Caliper Kit
The flash of Brake Calipers through the wheel rims marks out your MC20 as a true sport car. Get ready to tailor the calipers to suit your personal style with a range of colours and metallic sheens.

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