Maserati-MY19-Levante-GranSport-Studio-181970M tyresrims-hero_810x1440
Wheel Rims
Each wheel on the Levante is a small masterpiece, perfectly balanced, technologically advanced and eminently stylish. When you customize your wheels, you’ll discover the peak of pin-sharp handling and refined power your car can offer - and you’ll make it with your own personal style.
BrandedValve-Caps_esecutivo_LV BrandedValve-Caps_esecutivo_LV
Branded Valve Cover
The Maserati Trident is a mark of quality – no matter how small the detail. The Branded Valve Covers are made of lightweight and rustproof material, with the Trident embossed on the cap.
19Apollo-wheel-centre-cap_940000811_esecutivo_LV 19Apollo-wheel-centre-cap_940000811_esecutivo_LV
Wheel Center Caps
Strongly evocative of the Maserati performance soul and the assertive power of the Levante, our Wheel Centre Caps instil your wheel rims with racetrack energy. Choose from powerful Matt Black, silken Glossy Black, or stylish Carbon Fibre, all with the iconic Maserati Trident logo as a centrepiece.

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