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Luggage Compartment Mat

The Luggage Compartment Mat is a perfect fit for the GranTurismo, down to special pre-cut sections that uncover the four rings in the luggage compartment floor. Washable, waterproof and 100% recyclable, the thermoplastic material protects your vehicle’s interior against whatever your suitcase wheels might encounter – water, snow, sand, oil or mud. The mat is elegantly detailed and Maserati branded. Alternatively, a non-slip rubber Luggage Compartment Protection is also available in stylish black, and will act as a shield against any weather.

Loading edge Protective Mat

Reaching almost to ground level, this mat covers the edge of the luggage compartment and the rear bumper when loading or unloading. It protects the bodywork against the inevitable dents and scratches caused by moving heavy luggage. The material is hard-wearing, non-flammable, and thoroughly water-repellent.

Luggage Compartment Foldable Box

Beautifully designed and impressively versatile, the Luggage Compartment Foldable Box makes best use of the luggage compartment day to day, tidily storing your smaller belongings. The modular box forms two large compartments with attachments and pockets, either of which can be collapsed to leave more space for larger luggage. With both collapsed, it forms a stylish Maserati branded leather-finish briefcase, suitable for carrying documents or a tablet.

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