A gripping experience

The Quattroporte S Q4, with its compact and lightweight intelligent allwheel drive system, is the perfect choice for drivers seeking the rewards of rear-wheel drive with the back-up of four-by-four traction.
The Q4 intelligent all-wheel drive system continually analyses six parameters: driving style, steering angle, yaw angle, speed, wheel slip and power output.
Drive torque from the 430 CV V6 petrol engine is then distributed to suit the situation. In normal conditions, the Q4 system sends all engine torque to the rear wheels, for perfectly balanced Maserati driving dynamics and optimal fuel consumption.
If traction is lost due to sudden acceleration or very low grip at the rear axle, Q4 can alter the torque split from 100 per cent rear-wheel drive to 50-50 between the front and rear wheels. It all happens in an imperceptible 150 milliseconds – or less than the blink of an eye: the Q4 system then establishes a dedicated grip profile for each individual wheel.
This ensures optimum dynamics for any given road condition, at any time.

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