chassis chassis_portrait
As an all-terrain SUV but with the sporty look and performance of Maserati, the Levante Hybrid’s chassis features lightweight, reinforced materials that deliver outstanding rigidity and optimal strength, along with an extremely low centre of gravity and 50:50 front:rear weight distribution.
bsg bsg_portrait
The Levante Hybrid is equipped with a 48V Belt Starter Generator (BSG). This component supports the combustion engine when more power is needed, recovering energy during braking and deceleration, charging the battery which then powers the eBooster.
e-booster e_booster_portrait
The eBooster works in tandem with the conventional turbocharger, sustaining the engine’s power output even at low rpm. Together with the BSG, it also provides the extra boost when you are at peak rpm in Sport mode. This system ensures a faster start as well as a dynamically exciting yet comfortable ride.
battery_converter battery_converter_portrait
The DC Converter and the 48V battery are placed in the rear, balanced with the front-mounted engine to allow for better weight distribution, making the Levante Hybrid more agile and fun to drive as you discover new territories.

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