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Maserati's journey towards electrification began with the development of the Mild Hybrid versions of Ghibli and Levante, the first two models that projected Maserati into the future. The goal: to design and produce the best possible hybrid, totally Maserati, with the technique and craftsmanship of a process that starts from tradition and develops with the best technologies. As I have just done myself, Maserati has looked back and from the sand of the past, from the end of a centuries-long process, has tried to build beauty. Rethinking, reassembling, remodelling. Cleaning the world by rebuilding beauty, this is the meaning of that sand drawing. But this is not a mandala, it is a new and permanent vision of energy and beauty.

Our journey with Maserati across the snow, the sea and the desert ends here.

This is how we moved through space and time; learning where we will go tomorrow, leaving our yesterday better than how we experienced it.