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At the top, the view changes. The engine rests, your heartbeat slows down, your gaze opens: you rest your feet on the line that you followed from the beginning of the trip, the line that separates white from blue. How far it seemed before; but Man yearns for change.

You’ve arrived at the top to witness what is about to happen. There’s just you, while my words help you see. The Alps’ crown stretches all around you and the white Levante’s trident completes the scenery like a portrait that Man yields to the power of stone. Besides the now still car, motionless like a wild animal ready to run, is a man you’ve seen many times but never met. You saw him skid on snow, exploit gravity, race in super-Gs just like Ulysses escaping from a cyclops he’d told his name was Nobody. And here, in this alpine scenery at an altitude of 2400 meters on a February day in 2021, Nobody becomes the synthesis of artfulness and intelligence, instinct, strength and ambition. The Maserati Levante Trofeo and Giorgio Rocca, 2006 Slalom World Champion, bring all this to life: let the show begin.