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To travel is not only to go on a journey through space but also through time.

We move to get further, to reach a different place and a different moment: a future we crave.

This future can hide everywhere, even among the sand of a desert, like grains of a sandglass on the verge of falling down.

A quest that arises a particular emotion: the Thrill of Exploration.

Time does not wait for anyone, let’s begin the last episode of Maserati Stories of Audacity…


The place, the characters, the journey.

They say at night the wind sweeps the desert, they say in the morning everything looks different. Only those who know it well know how to find themselves, the others navigate in the midst of a sand tide of possibilities.

The car.

To travel in the desert the tire pressure must be reduced: this is why we stop. The driver gets out of the car and with the help of a portable pressure gauge he blows the air out with a sound that is the only trace of its presence before dissolving in the wind.

The challenge.

Looking at it absent-mindedly, the desert may seem the end of a millenary process. Residues of cosmic rocks, dismembered by time and by the erosion of an infinite chain of moments, that become smaller and smaller and are at the mercy of the wind that raises the grains to the sky.

The way back.

Going back to the city is like the hero’s journey. There was the old world and then a challenge to face, the hardest possible. A challenge that, just like the desert, is full of difficulties, of dark places, of sands that can make you sink.

The right path.

Maserati's journey towards electrification began with the development of the Mild Hybrid versions of Ghibli and Levante, the first two models that projected Maserati into the future.
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