Sport Pedal Covers
Crafted in brushed steel the Sport Pedals Cover is more than a striking design feature. It also delivers optimum control for high-performance driving through precisely engineered rubber inserts, which keep your feet glued to the pedals. For an extra touch of refinement the pedal covers bear the Maserati oval logo.
Gearshift Paddles
The graceful power delivery of an automatic can make for a truly relaxing grand tour. However, for a more passionate driver, the option of extracting even greater performance is irresistible. Our frosted aluminium Gearshift Paddles put more control at your fingertips, for speedy gear-shifts and sports-style driving in your Quattroporte.
Exterior Carbon Package
If your Quattroporte model wasn’t originally customised with carbon fibre detailing, you can add these smart racing touches with the Exterior Carbon Package. The kit includes several carbon fibre sport customisations: Window Mirrors, Door Handle, Rear Spoiler, Front Splitter, Central Pillar, Wheel Caps, Front and Rear Doorsills.

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