A6GCS Berlinetta Pinin Farina

A very special car was presented at the Turin Motor Show of 1954. It concerned a 2000 Sport fitted with an elegant closed “berlinetta” body from Pinin Farina. The 2000 Sport (project name A6GCS) was a highly successful open 2-seater race car designed for road races and was much beloved by the racing drivers of the era for its excellent driving qualities. The 1952 edition of the Mille Miglia race had been run under torrential rain. Therefore, for the following year some Maserati customers taking part at the competition asked for a Pinin Farina berlinetta version of their 2000 Sport. Maserati could not directly commission Pinin Farina to fit their chassis with bodies, as the Turin based company had just signed a deal with Enzo Ferrari. Rome-based Maserati dealer Giuglielmo ‘Mimmo’ Dei bought 6 bare A6 GCS/53 chassis. He then commissioned Pinin Farina to fit them with elegant berlinetta bodies. Eventually four of the six chassis were fitted with Pinin Farina designed bodywork, one of which was displayed at 1954 Turin Motor Show - which created no little disappointment to the Ferrari men. An elegant berlinetta body on this basis was the right recipe for one of the most beautiful creations in automotive history, the last Pinin Farina design for Maserati for the following 50 years. All four of them survive today, this model being one of the most sought-after historic Maserati cars. One of them is on display at the Umberto Panini Collection.

Data sheet A6GCS/53 Berlinetta Pinin Farina
Model code Tipo A6GCS/53
Body type Berlinetta
Design Pinin Farina
Production years 1953 - 1954
Maserati era Orsi family
Numbers produced 4
Chassis Steel tubular structure with longitudinal and cross members, aluminium body
Dry weight 740kg
Engine configuration Straight 6, double overhead camshaft
Displacement 1,985.5cc
Maximum power 170hp @ 7,500rpm
Top speed 235km/h
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