MC20 Cielo Primaserie Edition


To celebrate the arrival of the MC20 Cielo, we’ve created a PrimaSerie Limited Edition of just 65, featuring distinctive exterior and interior elements.



Presented in contemporary Acquamarina three-layer paint, the MC20 Cielo PrimaSerie is a unique spyder, harnacing Neptunian power. Throughout the interior, the cool feeling continues in inviting Ice Alcantara and leather seats with a specially-made backing and exquisite Acquamarina stitching.

mc20_cielo_primaserie_1 mc20_cielo_primaserie__vertical

The Trident emblem is painted on the tonneau cover, while the Maserati badges are finished in a pearly shade of Matte White Gold.


The exclusive PrimaSerie logo is stitched in Acquamarina on the headrests and lasered onto the 20’’ wheels that draw the eye in iridescent Matte White Gold.

With PrimaSerie, exclusivity surpasses sky-high levels. This limited edition is a true rarity, only for a select few.

MC20 Cielo Primaserie
First of Its Kind
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