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從即日起,好友只要於快意汽車(香港)有限公司購買任何型號的瑪莎拉蒂現貨時,提供你的姓名及登記電話(符合系統記錄資料),並於2020年7月31日或之前完成新車車輛登記,你與你的好友即可共享港幣 $10,000 汽油禮券 或 同等價值的瑪莎拉蒂售後服務禮券,而獲推薦的好友亦享有精選購車禮遇。

是次推薦計劃適合瑪莎拉蒂任何現貨型號,及全新推出的Ghibli Ribelle限量版及Levante TROFEO (快將5月下旬強勢登場)。請即致電2627 8902或聯絡你的銷售顧問,預留你的專屬時段親身體驗試駕,盡享與眾不同的意式尊榮。



Sharing Trident Passion - Exclusive Referral Programmme

Life's journey is lot more exciting in a Maserati. The greatest road is the one that lies ahead of you and Maserati always accompanies in an elegant and graceful style. The distinct Maserati’s DNA which combines the superb performance and the luxurious style turns everyday experience into extraordinary pleasure. We know you are deeply inspired by the Trident passion and ready to share it with your friends.

Inviting your friends to join the Trident family now  share gasoline coupon or Maserati Service voucher valued at HK$10,000 while your friends can enjoy the exclusive purchase privilege like no others. Your friends can quote your name and contact number (matching in our database record) when they purchase a stock of Maserati from Auto Italia (Hong Kong) Ltd. with registration completed on or before 31 Jul, 2020.

The Referral Programme applied to all Maserati model, including the latest limited edition of Ghibli Ribelle & Levante TROFEO (to be launched in late May). You are welcome to reserve a test drive with your friends now! Please contact us at 2627 8902 or your dedicated sales consultant.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to enhancing you and your friends for the enjoyment of the Trident experience.

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