Maserati Classic - classic red Maserati model - rear and side view Maserati Classic - classic red Maserati model - rear and side view

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Kit Collection

The “Maserati Classic” collection is dedicated to all the collectors and enthusiasts of the Trident brand.

Each Kit is dedicated to historic Maserati models (3200 GT, Biturbo, Ghibli, Mistral and so forth). The “Maserati Classic” series is available from authorised Maserati dealers and on the Maserati Store.
The reprints of the Parts Catalogues, Owner's Manuals as well as the homologation documents of each vehicle model all come in a specially designed, elegant and practical case. All original vehicle documents have been reprinted and bound to faithfully reflect the original versions. The case comes complete with a copy of the original commercial brochures, which have been carefully stored within the Maserati Historical Archives, a 1:43 collectable scale model and a sketch of the vehicle.
A historical picture of Maserati Factory A historical picture of Maserati Factory

Historical Documentation

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Maserati Classic can provide Maserati Customers a new service of Historical Documentation pertaining to their vehicles. Specifically there are various types of certified historical documents available that are carefully and precisely researched within the Maserati Historical Archive.

For information about availability and prices please contact Maserati Classic Department directly at the following e-mail address:


The beginning of the 20th century saw speed burst into our everyday lives, kindling the souls of many a fan. These were the years in which the Maserati brothers took their first steps into the world of mechanics and motoring, laying the foundations for the beginning of a century-old legend. A legend that accompanies the history of each Maserati. A history to rediscover and possess.

Timeless Emotions

As of today, Maserati Classiche is opening the doors to the Maserati Historical Archive offering its customers a real dive into the past to rediscover the historical documents of each individual Trident-branded vehicle. Over the years, this huge archive has preserved a wide variety of documents, so that Maserati can today issue - for most of its vehicles - not only True Copies of the Original Historical Documents but also Certificates of Origin, Documents on the Technical Aesthetic Features and even Historical Information on your Maserati.


The rich Maserasti Historical Archive preserves a wide variety of documents that tell the story of most of the vehicles made by the House of Trident, from the day they were ordered to the day they were delivered. This is a unique opportunity for all Maserati fans to get a true copy of the original historical documents of their “Maserati Classica”.


In addition to, and regardless of the possibilty to trace back to the original historical documents of a vehicle, Maserati Classiche offers its fans the opportunity to obtain current documents that certify the origin of their Maserati together with other important data that certifies the cars history.

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