1963 – 1969
One name to start it all. The 1963 Turin Motor Show marked the beginning of one of the most heartfelt Maserati traditions: naming its cars after famous and important winds. French importer, John Horace Simone, suggested using the name of a strong, cold, stormy, northwest wind that blows from the south of France to the Mediterranean coast: Mistral. Styled by Pietro Frua, the Mistral presented a modern look with one of Frua’s most recognizable characteristics: the exceptional dimensions of the glass surfaces compared to the bodyshell. It was the last Maserati car to be equipped with the glorious 6-cylinder engine, which had been the power unit of Maserati grand tourers for over 10 years. There couldn’t have been a better start than a name that means “masterly”: the Mistral brought a wind of innovation to the lines of Maserati cars.

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