2004 – 2005
The MC12, which literally means “Maserati Corse, 12-cylinder” represents the Trident in its most extreme performance form. The ‘Stradale’, or road-going version, was created to be able to homologate the model for international GT-racing. This limited-production two-seater sports car marks Maserati’s great return to GT racing after 37 years in a highly successful campaign: no wonder that the GT1 version was “the car to beat” on racing tracks all over the world. In fact, the MC12 is the fastest Maserati road car ever made: acceleration from 0 to 200km/h takes less than 10 seconds and its astonishing top speed exceeds 330km/h. In late 2006, Maserati presented the MC12 Versione Corse, which is an even more extreme track-day variant of this all-conquering supercar.

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