1969 – 1975
Two more Trident’s great motor sport successes were obtained at the legendary Indiana Oval. Two consecutive victories for Maserati: both the 27th and the 28th editions of the International 500-Mile Sweepstakes Race were won by American racing driver Wilbur Shaw at the wheel of the same Maserati 8CTF. That’s why, after Sebring and Mexico, came Indy. Funny enough, Wilbur Shaw became president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from 1945 until 1954 when he passed. Making its debut at the 1969 Geneva Motor Show, the Maserati Indy was a four-seater fastback grand tourer. A considerable lowering of the height gave engineers and designers the possibility to adopt much sportier proportions for the Indy. The Indy also boasted numerous sports car elements, such as retractable headlights, the air intake under the thin bumper, a robust central pillar and a stubby tail.

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