1966 – 1972
A wind of change was blowing in the 60s: The world was opening up to the beat revolution, with cars of great performance and visual impact taking the stage. Maserati had a well-structured and complete range of cars at the time: they had the 6-cylinder two-seater Mistral, the important 8-cylinder four-seater Mexico, and the Quattroporte saloon, a uniquely unrivalled car. So, while maintaining their less extreme and ostentatious philosophy, Maserati decided to turn the page with the rebellious and dramatic style of Giorgietto Giugiaro. A new sporty Gran Turismo car was unveiled at the Turin Motor Show in late 1966: Ghibli. Ghibli, the Libyan Arabic name for the Sirocco, is a wind that can move a huge quantity of sand and, by doing so, completely change and renew an entire landscape. No wonder that its striking appearance is still looked up to as one of Giugiaro’s most beautiful designs.

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