1958 – 1959
In 1957, before the Indianapolis was dropped from the F1 World Championship, the Monza organisers invited Indianapolis teams and drivers to compete in a 500 Mile race called the “Trophy of the Two Worlds”, to take place on its high-speed ring that was opened at Italian national Autodrome two years earlier. The event was repeated one year later. Maserati took part in the second edition with a car destined to be historic: its original name, 420M/58, was destined to quickly become a simpler one: Eldorado. Gino Zanetti, the ice cream company’s owner, was a great racing enthusiast and decided to sponsor Maserati’s car: it was the first racing car in Europe to be sponsored by a brand not linked to the world of motorsport. In a matter of just a few weeks, a new car was prepared for Stirling Moss: it had a tubular chassis like that of the 250F, the 8-cylinder engine of the 450S, and a top speed of 350 kph. But more importantly, the Eldorado name was emblazoned down its side, making it become an emblematic car for the Trident’s history.

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