Every name tells a story

The behind-the-scenes on the cars’ names

There are many reasons why a car goes down in history. It could be for its legendary and incredible wins. It could be for the innovative technologies it introduced on the market. It could be for the sensational champions who drove that car to glory.

Maserati cars have become world-renowned icons in time for what they represented. And there’s so much need-to-know behind their story: how did they become a real turning point in the automotive world? How did they become a social phenomenon? The answer can be enclosed in one single element.

The name.


The wind is coming
Probably the most established Maserati’s tradition was that of baptising its cars with names of famous and important winds. The wind can drive big changes and completely renew an entire landscape with its power. So, whether it’s a cold and stormy wind that blows from the south of France or a hot and dry wind able to cause great dust storms, this natural element has always been useful to well represent many characteristics of many Maserati’s cars.

Racing Tracks

Celebrating glorious victories
Another well-known tradition at Maserati is that of naming its cars after racing circuits where the Trident obtained unforgettable and historic wins. From Florida to Mexico, from Indianapolis to South Africa, memories of fireworks being lit over a racing track after a huge win will be celebrated with the names of legendary Maserati cars.


Unique names for unique stories
Naturally, there are also names that are more curious and unique – because they have a curious and unique story behind. A car that got sponsored by a surprising brand that couldn’t have been more distant from the automotive world. A car with a chassis that looked like a cage for birds. A car that was named after a star. And a car that turned out to be the most extreme road-going vehicle of the Trident.

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