Maserati Classic - classic red Maserati model - rear and side view

Maserati Classiche and Concept Cars

Both for the road and for the race track, Maserati has built some of the most extraordinary automobiles the world has seen.
Post War Racing Cars

Two remarkable racing cars of the post-war era: the 420M/58 “Eldorado” and the Tipo 60/61 “Birdcage“.

Gran Turismo

The concept of Gran Turismo, intercontinental touring at high speed and in comfort, defines the two souls of the brand – the sporty and the luxury. It allows to experience in full what Maserati stands for. Since 1946 the cornerstone of Maserati car production.


Quattroporte, meaning just four-doors in Italian, is since more than half a century synonymous for GT-performance in comfort with four people. Explore the car that single-handed created the market segment of the sports saloon.

Biturbo and derivates

The Biturbo, the brainchild of then Maserati owner Alejandro de Tomaso and the first production car ever to use a twin-turbocharged engine. The original model from 1981 gave rise to a full range of vehicles that existed in more than 50 variants and represented 20 years of the marque.


Some cars were conceived with a specific goal related to motor racing, not connected to any family of road cars and with a strictly limited production run.

Concept Cars
Our homage to Maserati's sports heritage. The future of Maserati design.

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