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Our Cars

The Maserati soul inside our models

A journey of discovery into our cars

Our cars are the embodiment of the soul and values of our brand.

They are a clear and unmistakable representation of elegance, luxury, strength, and race-bred energy.
Starting from the definition of car types and their essential features, you will learn more about Maserati legendary history and classic cars, up until the models that are hitting the road today.

Getting to the core of the Trident’s identity is the best way to enjoy a luxurious, comfortable and powerful drive.

The elegance of a sedan

Maserati came up with the idea of a four-door full-size luxury sedan that could coexist with a real Gran Turismo soul. In time, the concept and the design of Maserati sedans kept on evolving: today the Quattroporte and the Ghibli are the true embodiment of sportiness and elegance.

The power of an SUV

However winding and rough a road may be, an SUV will undoubtedly get you there. Maserati gave life to the Levante: a luxury SUV that blends together the Trident’s grand-touring tradition with the most authentic Italian style. This combination of an off-road vehicle and a sedan inspires incredible adventures.

The concept of Gran Turismo

Style. Comfort. High speeds. Enough space for luggage. And hundreds of kilometres. That’s the original concept of Gran Turismo, born and bred in Italy. Maserati chose to embrace an intriguing duality: elegance, refinement, craftsmanship, along with a rebellious spirit, a hunger for performance, a need for adventure.

The style of a convertible

There’s no better car to make driving in good weather so unforgettable. Among the many ways to represent the style of a convertible, Maserati went for the most elegant and fascinating one. The GranCabrio fully embodies that sense of passion, style, wildness, and most importantly, freedom.

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