Maserati and Massimo Bottura

The Italian excellence at the Geneva Autoshow.
Made in Modena. With love.
An exclusive cooking experience with Massimo Bottura, the well renowned three-Michelin-starred chef and Maserati brand ambassador, took place at the Maserati booth in Geneva.

The exclusive cooking experience at the Maserati booth featured chef Bottura delighting Maserati guests with his dishes, his vision, his passion and his story.

An Emilian chef born in Modena, who grew up with the sound of the engine as well as with balsamic vinegar and his grandmother’s wisdom in the kitchen in the land of motors and flavours.

His job is today a matter of vision, inspiration, intuition, poetry. Executed with passion.

Tradition with a dose of irreverences

Inspired by his philosophy and background, he has reimagined the culinary traditions of Italy and Modena, taking an extremely contemporary and sometimes even futuristic approach. Each dish is a reconstruction of an idea, a memory, a play on words or a wry smile rendered into a singular gesture.

At Geneva the chef will present to the Maserati guests some dishes inspired by his origins, his childhood food memories and also the Maserati world. 

An evocative dish is the "Memory of a mortadella sandwich": "Can a recipe ever replace a memory?" Massimo Bottura said.
"My mother chased me down the street with a mortadella sandwich everyday on my way to school. In honour of her earnest effort to feed me, this memory has been revived with crunchy gnocco and the purest essence of mortadella".

Reid Bigland, Maserati CEO, also experienced this great moment and commented: "Massimo has shown true genius in expressing a modern or even futuristic vision of this tradition in every flavour, without ever betraying its origins. All this is very close to the Maserati tradition of designing, developing and building cars here in Italy that can excite and delight their drivers all over the world". Bigland continued: "it’s also a great pleasure to host Maserati and Ermegildo Zegna customers here in Geneva allowing them to appreciate Massimo’s culinary art".

Maserati and Bottura have been partners since 2015, and, in November, the Modena-based chef received his new Levante, the first SUV in more than 100 years of the brand’s history.

The Italian chef has topped the list of the world's best restaurants with his "Osteria Francescana", the finest from Modena, that was awarded the title of the World's best restaurant last year by "The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2016".

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