Back view of Quattroporte Trofeo Back view of Quattroporte Trofeo
Back view of GreenQuattroporte Trofeo
Imposing in its proportions, timeless in its design, and distinguished by its race-derived details over its elegant body. The Trofeo-specific elements such as high-gloss carbon fibre on the front, the rear and on the side air intakes, to the dark V8 exhaust pipes through the black side skirts, confront you with its fierce spirit within.
Tricolore detail on Quattroporte Trofeo Maserati MC20
Tricolore detail on Quattroporte Trofeo
Your formidable presence will arouse profound emotions. The Saetta logo on the C-pillar of the Quattroporte Trofeo is struck with a red lightning bolt, while the Trofeo badge marks the iconic lateral air vents, signalling your prowess to anyone who dares to approach. An additional touch is in the Italian Tricolore on the B-pillar, an affirmation of the origins of your fearless drive.
V8 Engine Closeup QP_Motore
V8 engine
Beneath the hood lies the soul of your superior performance. Your passion for speed comes with a refined touch of luxury, seen in the powerful V8 engine with sleek carbon fibre cover and cylinder heads with intense red accents.
Detail of Quattroporte Trofeo Rim and Air Vents QP_cerchione-(1)
Fast performance and maximum exhilaration always awaits you. Equipped with the Trofeo-specific 21-inch race-inspired wheels in a dedicated dark finish, speed with ease thanks to the exclusive Brembo performance brakes that provide an additional layer of control for any drive.

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