Driver Assist System on Steering Wheel of Quattroporte Driver Assist System on Steering Wheel of Quattroporte
Detail of Assist System (ADAS) on Steering wheel of Quattroporte
The Highway Assist System allows you to feel safer while driving on the motorway. By means of a radar located on the front grille and a forward-facing camera, this system keeps the vehicle in the centre of the lane while maintaining the desired speed and the chosen distance from the vehicle in front.
Infotainment within Dashboard of Quattroporte Infotainment of Quattroporte Dashboard
Infotainment system on Quattroporte
Powered by Android Automotive OS, the new generation MIA offers an innovative and personalised user experience. The frameless 8"4 HD touch screen with a ratio of 16:10 carries a new graphic interface. The display features an elegant, curved glass edge: a first in automotive design of its kind.
QP_connect_2 QP_connect_2
Your Maserati, always connected.* It’s easy to keep an eye on your car’s health, with alerts when a service is due, plus smooth access to assistance in case of an emergency or theft. And there’s more. Thanks to the fully integrated navigation system, you’ll always have the latest traffic information in real time, as well as constantly updated maps, access to Amazon Alexa and a Wifi Hotspot inside your Maserati. A seamlessly connected experience for everyone onboard is delivered through the MIA (Maserati Intelligent Assistant) multimedia system. Stay connected to your Maserati with the dedicated Smartphone or Smartwatch app, or via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. *Availability on MY22 models and may vary from country to country.
Detail of charger inside Quattroporte Trofeo Detail of charger inside Quattroporte Trofeo
Detail of charger inside Quattroporte Trofeo
Charge your smartphone simply by placing it on the dedicated area. The new wireless charger also offers the possibility to mirror apps and information on the infotainment screen.
Central Tunnel of Quattroporte Closeup of Central Tunnel of Quattroporte
Central Tunnel of Quattroporte
The sophisticated ZF eight-speed automatic transmission in the Maserati Quattroporte puts its engine power under your complete control. Its advanced design ensures precise gear changes and optimum performance. Thanks to auto-adaptive software, the transmission modifies its shift patterns according to driving style, for an even more rewarding, one-to-one driving experience. And when it comes to long, high-speed journeys, the last two gears, seventh and eighth, are specially calibrated to reduce fuel consumption and further increase comfort.
Details of Touchpad controlling car functionalities: Air Conditioning Details of Touchpad controlling car functionalities: Air Conditioning
Details of Touchpad controlling car functionalities: Air Conditioning
The Quattroporte is equipped with an intelligent sensor paired with a signal analysis system that calculates the external pollution levels and prevents polluted air and toxic gases from entering the cabin, improving the comfort of everyone onboard.
Ghibli Infotainment system Ghibli Hybrid Touchpad with Media Controls
Ghibli Hybrid Touchpad with Media Controls
Two unparalleled optional sound systems provide an incredible audio experience when you’re on the road. As a result of countless hours of testing and extensive research, both Harman Kardon and Bowers & Wilkins sound systems are designed around the shape and the characteristics of each Maserati.
Closeup of Harman Kardon Speaker Closeup of Harman Kardon Speaker
Detail of Harman Kardon Speaker
The Harman Kardon Premium Sound system, fitted as standard, offers elevated levels of audio refinement, with every component uniquely tailored to perfectly match the Quattroporte interior. The core of the system is a state-of-the-art, 900-watt amplifier, delivering rich and detailed sound quality, whatever the audio source. No fewer than 12 independent channels are deployed, for superb balance within the car environment. A special high-performance subwoofer handles the low-end frequencies with ease, while the midrange drivers and tweeters ensure that every instrument and every artist can be appreciated to the full. And with the 10 high-powered speakers carefully distributed throughout the cabin, this system guarantees sublime sound for all onboard the Quattroporte.
Gearshift of Maserati Ghibli Hybrid Ghibli_Grey_Central_tunnel_startup_screen_2
Gearshift of Ghibli Hybrid
For maximum pleasure and involvement when you’re driving your Maserati, you have five driving modes: Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Manual Normal, Manual Sport, and Increased Control & Efficiency (I.C.E.). In addition, the pulse quickening Corsa mode is available with the Quattroporte Trofeo only.
QP_rear seats Detail of Rear Seats in Quattroporte
Need to safely store the ski or snowboard bag? The 60/40 split-folding rear seats provide cargo-carrying versatility. When the seat on the smaller side is completely folded down, you will have a continuous nearly flat extension of the load floor in order to accommodate large-sized equipment and objects.
QP_luxuryrear QP_luxuryrear
Luxury rear seats of Quattroporte Trofeo
Maserati Quattroporte offers two individual heated and ventilated rear seats, finished in smooth grain drilled leather. The two seats are divided by a central luxury console with a panel to control the four-zone air conditioning system and the rear and side electric sunblinds.
QP_roof QP_roof
Maserati cars can be fitted with an electric sunroof in tinted safety glass, with a manual sunshade. The sunroof is power controlled, and it can be tilted at the rear or opened completely; in the latter case it retracts into the roof of the car and a front flap rises automatically to deviate the air flow.

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