Relaxation and complete control

With a new two-lane gear lever featuring a dedicated Park button, the sophisticated eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox delivers improved comfort, faster gear shifting, better fuel consumption and an even more refined driving experience. The new system negates the need for the Manual button, as the driver can now simply push the gear lever into the left channel to select this mode. The different settings, listed below, can be selected via the switches next to the gear lever:

• Auto Normal: this default mode provides smooth gearshifts at low revs to maximise ride comfort and minimise fuel consumption.

• Manual Normal: the driver can change gear using the optional paddles behind the steering wheel or the lever on the central tunnel

• Auto Sport: in this mode, gear changes are faster (under 100 ms) and occur at higher revs for a much sportier driving experience

• Manual Sport: the driver is in full command of the transmission; the only automatic feature is downshifting if the revs drop too low

• Manual Off-Road: when the driver selects a chosen speed in this mode, the Levante continues at that pace, even when climbing

• Auto Off-Road: this mode retains all the benefits of the Off-Road setting but adds the convenience of automatic shifting

• I.C.E. (Increased Control & Efficiency): not just for use in icy or low-grip conditions, this mode ensures an even quieter, smoother ride plus lower fuel consumption

• Corsa Mode: only available on Levante Trofeo, this immediately creates the most dynamic settings for the engine, gearbox, air suspensions, Skyhook, steering, exhaust system, traction control and stability control.

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